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Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does the D’Aranyi String Quartet have?

The Quartet was set up well over 20 years ago and has gained a wealth of experience in providing music for weddings, receptions, parties, corporate events, conference dinners, funerals and memorial services..

Can I find out online if my date is free in your diary?

To check whether we are available, please contact us by email or telephone with details of time and venue.

How much do you charge?

We don’t publish our fees online because each booking is unique.  Please contact us with your details to ask for a quote.

Can you reserve my date for me and how do I confirm a booking?

We can only hold the date for you if you ask us to send you a contract.  We would then ask for return of the contract within two weeks.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes.  We ask for a deposit of £100 when you return the contract.   The balance is then payable on the day of your event.

Can you only play the pieces listed on this website?

No, the website just gives a few ideas about what we can play.  We have a huge repertoire (probably about 10 hours playing time) and can send you by email a much more detailed repertoire list.

At which points in a wedding ceremony would you play

We would normally play for 15 minutes whilst guests assemble and then specially chosen pieces for the entrance of the bride, the signing of the register and the exit of the bridal party.

How long a booking would I need for my wedding ceremony and drinks reception? 

Normally a two-hour booking would cover the ceremony and drinks.

Can you help me choose pieces for my wedding ceremony and do I need to make my choices at contract stage?

We have a list of suggested pieces we can send you and are happy to guide you further by email or by telephone.  If you choose pieces from repertoire is no urgency in your choice.  If however you would like us to arrange a piece specially for you we would need a request two months in advance.

Can you play hymns for a church wedding?

Yes, we are happy to play hymns provided that we know in advance which hymns and which hymn tunes you would like.

What will you need on the day?

We will need four dining-type chairs without arms.  If we are to play outside please ensure there is protection from the sun.  We also need some water and, if the job is 3 hours or more, we would ask for a small plate of sandwiches.

How will you know where to set up?

We ask you to discuss this with us and the venue  in advance. It is very helpful for us if someone at the venue has had clear directions from you about where to site us.

Could you play outside?

The D’Aranyi String Quartet is delighted to play outside, unless it is too cold for our instruments and fingers to work properly. Please remember that we need to protect our instruments from the sun so we do need shade and shelter from strong winds.  Obviously we would need to move immediately should it start to rain.

What do you do if one of your members is ill on the day?

Fortunately this has hardly ever happened but we do have deputy players on whom we could call.  Naturally we would never use a deputy who whose contribution would result in a drop in our standards.

Can I hear you play?

Yes. There are audio clips available on this website.  Unfortunately it is not normally possible for you to come and see us play at weddings and functions, but you could of course come to one of our public concerts.